Our One-of-a-Kind Mouse Trap Grows Each Day

Customers find new ways to reinvent a company’s mousetrap. Do you often find novel uses for that everyday item and want to share this new knowledge with your family and friends? At Zircon, as more customers became familiar with our products and our brand name grew, our customers have been eager to tell us about the outcome of their DIY projects, small and large and, sometimes, uncommon jobs that they think our technologies are suited/successful for (like finding a hamster!).

Whenever we think of designing or marketing a new tool, we go back to a basic question, and ask over and over, “What tools do people really need to get common jobs completed in an efficient, cost effective way?” It’s a simple question, but the answers are often complex. The path can be challenging, as product and manufacturing decisions require vision, expertise, and experience. And yes, there is a bit of luck, too.

Fortunately, today’s consumers are demanding more sustainable and sensible products rather than throw-away and sometimes unnecessary products. It’s apparent that a DIY “can do” attitude is growing and ever evolving in our society. As with technological innovation, consumers perceptions are evolving and this is a good thing. Therefore, Zircon continues to explore new product ideas that will help DIYers get their jobs done right. This product life cycle helps improve the homes you live in as well as your quality of life.

For additional insights, visit the blog, “A Surprisingly Better Mouse Trap” and also engage with us on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month for #diytrends.

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