Reset, Renew, Rejuvenate in 2015

It’s a new year. For every forward-thinking company, new challenging goals and initiatives are right before them. What we should know about life, whether at home or at work, is that we can expect change. So, we brainstorm ideas. We devise plans. We execute and move forward.

Zircon in the Real World is all about our customers. It’s all about the experiences of people who buy and work with our products. For all the success stories, and sometimes not so successful stories I hear, there can usually be a new take or perspective that I hadn’t considered. Ideas are often hatched when I work with “out-of-the-box” scenarios from our end users. And sometimes these experiences even lead to new product or service ideas that may not have taken form otherwise.

MetalliScanner MT 6 metal detectorOn numerous occasions last year, the same customer called advising that he wanted to use his Zircon metal scanning tools to help him find… gold! Although he was referring to little tiny specs of gold, it was real gold nonetheless, and based on his accounts, his use of the Zircon metal scanner served him quite well. He proclaimed our scanner outperformed an eight hundred dollar metal scanner designed specifically for this task. I’m not here to confirm whether this is true or not. But what an idea it was! Romantic thoughts of a new 49er gold rush spun in my head for about a day. Then, reality set in.

It’s quite possible that our less expensive metal scanner can detect specs of gold. However, Zircon tools (and our business) are not designed for gold-finding purposes, nor is it a direction we’ll probably move in. But it still sounds, and is, very cool.

You never know where that next great idea is going to originate from. It pays to be open to new ideas. It may come from collective brainstorming and planning. It may come from a chance encounter on the street or while you’re relaxing on vacation. A good idea is a good idea. When you can turn it into a great business idea, then you have something extra special. Many successful businesses originated from a garage or even around the kitchen table. Many, like Zircon, began from humble beginnings. That’s right. Zircon introduced the original electronic StudSensor™ stud finder decades ago and what was once just an idea materialized into a company that designs, manufactures, and ships stud finders worldwide. What may seem like a farfetched idea can become THE next big thing.

The start of a new year can be a good time to reset, renew and rejuvenate your business or your life. Keep your antenna up and your mind open. Who knows what great things can be achieved in 2015 and beyond…

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