The DIY Days of Summer

picnic-with-dogSummer is here. The weather is great. Time for home DIY projects, both indoors and out. In addition to the projects you’ve already thought about, or have been asked to do, home retailers and manufacturers recommend desirable improvements that add to your DIY list. Suddenly, the twelve weeks of summer already seem too short. However, research, education and practice really help shorten the home improvement process and provide the best opportunity at success……the first time round.

DIY Tip icon (2)On the inside of your home, you may be looking at a full remodel, or just some simple upgrade improvements. This usually involves the surfaces or walls in your home. If it does, you need to learn a little about the construction of your home. Find out when it was built. If it’s an older home, are the walls made of plaster construction or are they backed by standard drywall? In the bathrooms, determine if the walls are constructed with moisture barrier (hardy backer/ board) in front of the drywall or behind tiled surfaces.  In attached garages, the separating wall is most likely a fire wall. Closets and other tight spaces present their own special challenges.

This knowledge will help you determine the right tools you will need to mount a flat screen TV, install a grab bar in the shower, put in new racks or hangers in your closets, or hang cabinets in the kitchen.

At Zircon, we provide a complete line of StudSensorTM stud finders, MultiScanner® wall scanners, and MetalliScanner® metal locators to help you accomplish all these home improvement. We also provide you with detailed instructions, a 24/7 online support center, and easy-to-follow tip minute videos on popular home improvement projects. Check us out on YouTube by searching for our channel: “ZirconTV”.

Your success this summer is our success. Don’t forget the sunscreen and happy DIYing.

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    Good morning. Thanks, this looks great.

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