A Wall is a Wall is a Wall

Most of us only consider the walls in our homes when we decide what color we’d like them to be. Otherwise, they’re just there. It’s nice to have paintings or some decorations on the walls to adorn and define our living space, but the walls sort of exist just to hold up the house and separate rooms. We’re happy to have walls, but we seldom pay much attention to them.

Until that fateful day… when we decide we want to hang or mount something very expensive and heavy on one of those walls, but how do we do it? Where do we begin?

We may opt to do it ourselves, and it’s probably because a professional handyman, although a great idea, may be too costly. With all the home remodeling information available, through some research and effort, we can do it. But first we have to consider… the wall!

Before hanging your pictures, mirrors, shelves, or television, make sure to use a stud finder, like this Zircon StudSensor e50.

Before hanging your pictures, mirrors, shelves, or TV, make sure to use a stud finder, like this Zircon StudSensor e50.

If your home was built in the last fifty years, it’s likely your walls are built with 2 X 4 wood framing with drywall (or sheetrock as it’s sometimes called) covering the frame. Your task when installing those shelves or hanging that sleek new flat screen TV is to find out where the vertical 2 X 4 framing wood pieces, known as studs, are located directly behind the drywall (i.e. the big flat part of the wall you stare at everyday). The drywall alone will not support anything over a pound-or-so in weight with just a nail. Drywall is typically only about a half inch thick and not rock solid by any means. If you’ve ever tried to hang a heavy framed painting with just a nail into bare sheetrock, you probably know what I’m talking about. But when you find the 2 X 4 studs to nail into, you’re in business.

Here’s a tip: Get a Zircon StudSensor™ stud finder. Learn how to use it. Start by “mapping” the studs behind your wall (see Tip Minute video below) and you can hang objects with more confidence.

The next tip is to be sure you nail or screw your fasteners into the center of each of those studs. It’s really not all that difficult with a trusty StudSensor and a little stud finding knowledge. At the Zircon support desk, we help people confidently find the center of their wall studs everyday so they can securely hang their precious new pictures, flat screen TVs, or wall decorations. Get the StudSensor, get the knowledge, ask questions, and get to know your walls. You’ll never think of your walls the same way again.

Need to make the most of your walls in a small living space? Make sure to check out our marketing blog, “Living Large in a Small Space“.

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