Which One?

When a manufacturer rolls out an upgrade to an existing product line, customers can get confused, thus hampering their ability to choose the right tool for their needs. Should the customer purchase an established product or the latest innovation? This depends on the project that the customer is working on.

At Zircon, we currently manufacture about fifteen different StudSensor™ stud finders. Zircon makes the best stud finders in the marketplace, and we take our brand reputation very seriously.  Customers often ask, “Which one should I buy? What’s the difference between each model?”

The fact is, each StudSensor has slightly different features that address specific job conditions in your home. As nice as it is to have the top of the line, not everyone needs a StudSensor with all the bells and whistles. But, some do.

Consider the task that you have in mind for the tool and this will point you to the features and benefits that you need. For example, you’ll need DeepScan® (high sensitivity) when you’re scanning for ceiling or floor joists. However, if you’re looking for studs on your standard depth dining room wall, you may not need this feature. You’ll need a “metal scan” mode/feature if you live in an older home where the walls are made of plaster construction, but if you’re scanning in a low light basement, it may be more useful to have a scanner with a backlit display screen.

So, depending on the job condition, you’ll need the tool to perform different tasks. Your product expectations differ because of the task or project you’re working on. Sometimes a basic model will have all of the necessary feature requirements and in other instances a model with more advanced technology will be best for the job.

You can go to the Zircon website and learn more about the different StudSensor stud finders. You can also speak directly to an expert at Zircon, ask questions, and get the knowledge you need to select the right tool for the job.

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